Xalt Framework

Xalt is a revolutionary technology for mission-critical operations across all industries


How Xalt Works

Xalt provides a radical new approach to accelerating digital transformation – one that is deep and comprehensive in the core capabilities needed today, yet infinitely scalable for the future; easy to implement; and compatible with existing information and operational technologies.

This framework delivers convergence, helping organisations adapt to digital market environments and leverage existing digital technologies to improve operations by enabling infinite connectivity across all functions.

Explore Our Platform's Capabilities

Xalt | Mobility

Provides a secure and nimble framework that is native iOS- and Android-ready with zero client footprint.

Xalt | Edge

Processes, combines, and analyses IoT and sensor data at the edge of the network and puts it to work with AI.

Xalt | Integration

Provides plug-in enterprise integration to a single intuitive interface for legacy connections, databases, and IT systems.

Xalt | AI

Supports predictive maintenance, change, and anomaly detection through analytics, visualisation, and sensor and data fusion.

Xalt | Visualization

Visualises 2D and 3D data, including point clouds, optimised for all mainstream OS, mobile, and web platforms.

Industry Stories

Explore use cases across key industries in which Xalt has been used to yield impressive results.

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