Xalt | AI

Xalt | AI empowers applications based on the Xalt framework with artificial intelligence at the edge, on premise, and in the cloud.

Xalt | AI adds artificial intelligence to applications based on the Xalt framework, including Visualisation, Edge, Integration, and Mobility. From condition monitoring and anomaly detection to situational understanding, process optimisation and even more complex analyses, AI automates knowledge discovery and learning to achieve high-performance, industry-specific solutions.

Examples of AI's value-added capabilities include:

  • Descriptive – Understanding “what happened?” by exploring big data archives for insights
  • Diagnostic – Reasoning “why did it happen?” or deriving “what is similar or different?” by deploying machine learning models such as clustering, segmentation, and anomaly detection
  • Predictive – Forecasting “what is likely to happen?” or determining “what is the correct class?” by training machine learning models for object detection, event classification, predictive maintenance, etc.
  • Prescriptive – Answering the question “what should be done?” by combining state-of-the-art technologies, big data, and parallel computing