What We Do

Optimising your business processes

Solutions built on the revolutionary Xalt framework enable your mission-critical operations in the office and in the field. Ideal for all industries, our solutions provide customers with customisable workflows that focus on your organisation's most valuable asset – your people.

For the high demands of manufacturing, our user-friendly solutions are building blocks of the true smart factory, enabling you to control quality at all stages of the process.

To solve difficult construction challenges, solutions built on Xalt streamline information flow across the enterprise to ensure optimal use of your major resources: labour, materials, assets, and time.

To empower any remote workforce, our solutions ensure real-time communication of important details and the ability to act, so remote workers can be as productive in the field as they would be in an office.

No matter what the industry, the robust Xalt framework leverages IoT data to increase productivity, reduce interruptions, optimise communications, and ensure the highest quality. Xalt innovations are improving the way companies bid for jobs, the way foremen keep track of progress, the way plant workers receive information on the floor, and so much more.