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Managing Employee Time Off Requests

Check out our solutions for PTO, targeting HR management and time management for payroll. This solution is used to manage employee time off requests, accrued vacation time, sick leave, etc... This custom workflow is built specifically for managing employees with yearly accruing time off scenarios and other typical time out of office/work events.

While setting up the PTO solution in a new tenant, the PTO User Guide will walk through how to factor in the needs of any company, department, or site. We allow set up of Employee Roles for different types of allotments and accruals. Standard Company Holidays and Days Off can be programmed in as well as any standard sick or personal day allotments. There is also a methodology available to determine the proper accrual period amount for each Role or Tenure in the organization.

Once you successfully import the PTO solution template into your tenant, the solution is yours to fully integrate into your business processes. As you walk through the setup, we encourage you to use the solution as is, or customize what you need. You may find that there may be objects and standards that you want to customize for your business. That is the flexibility that Xalt provides!

And as always, our Solutions Team is available for any additional services you would like to invest in to customize our Solution Templates. Contact your Account Rep to let us know how we can help.

See the PTO Solution in Action:


Technical Requirements

Application Template Requirements:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Xalt Cloud Server version 3.521.3
  • Xalt Notification Server
  • Xalt App for iOS: ver. 1.19.363
  • Xalt Android App: ver. 4.2.3

Package Contents:

  • SQL Script: pto_sql_script.sql
  • Xalt App Import Package: PTO App 2019-03-13-19_40_51.065.zip
  • PTO User Guide.pdf
  • PTO App SQL Payload.pdf
  • App Catalog Service and Support Statement.pdf
  • PTO App Template READ ME.pdf
  • HOW TO- Importing App

Application Deployment Steps:

  1. Read: App Catalog Service and Support Statement.pdf
  2. Deploy the MS SQL Script: pto_sql_script.sql
    • See HOW TO- Deploy PTO SQL script.pdf in the SQL Script folder
  3. Import the Application Package into your Tenant:
    • See HOW TO- Importing Apps.pdf
  4. Setup Xalt User Profiles:
    • See PTO Users Guide.pdf