Quality Inspection Software & Solutions

Mobilizing Quality Inspection Teams

Our Quality Inspection solution is perfect for mobilizing quality inspection teams. Create a completely mobile solution for your inspection plans and workflow tasks for your technicians

Whether you are inspecting finished goods on the final inspection line, or you are running an in-process inspection, we've got you covered. This workflow solution is the perfect way to standardize your inspection plans, do more informative root cause analysis, and integrate more parts of your business into the quality process.

See the Quality Inspection Solution in Action:


Customizing Your Solution:

Once you successfully import the Quality Inspection solution template into your tenant, the solution is yours fully integrate into your business processes. As you walk through the setup, we encourage you to use the solution as is or customize what you need. You may find that there may be objects and standards that you want to go ahead and customize for your business. That is the flexibility that Xalt provides!

And as always, our Solutions Team is available for any additional services to support you would like to invest in. Contact your Account Rep to let us know how we can help.

Technical Requirements

Application Template Requirements:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Xalt Cloud Server version 3.521.3
  • Xalt Notification Server
  • Xalt App for iOS: ver. 1.19.363
  • Xalt Android App: ver. 4.2.3

Package Contents:

  • SQL Script: 1-quality_inspection_schema.sql
    • Optional: 2-quality_inspection_demo_data.sql
  • Xalt App Import Package: Quality-Inspection-Import-v1.1.zip
  • Quality Inspection- User Guide.pdf
  • Quality Inspection App SQL Payload.pdf
  • App Catalog Service and Support Statement.pdf
  • Quality Inspection- READ ME.pdf
  • HOW TO- Importing Apps

Application Deployment Steps:

  1. Read: App Catalog Service and Support Statement.pdf
  2. Deploy the MS SQL Script: 1-quality_inspection_schema.sql
    • See HOW TO- Deploy Quality Inspection SQL script.pdf in the SQL Script folder
    • Optional: Deploy 2-quality_inspection_demo_data.sql
  3. Import the Application Package into your Tenant:
    • See HOW TO- Importing Apps.pdf
  4. Setup Quality Inspection Data:
    • See Quality Inspection- Data Setup Guide.pdf
  5. How to the Quality Inspection App:
    • See Quality Inspection- User Guide.pdf