Xalt improves task management in order to increase speed and accuracy. It allows you to quickly perform inspection plannings and assign rework in real-time. The platform allows construction companies to create checklists, run tests, and create daily reports.

Our platform provides real-time access and workability of remote operations from the field to a mobile landscape. It digitally transforms tasks like ordering materials for various locations, time planning of workers and budgets, asset management and tracking, and audits and inspection checklists. This enables access to every part of the business from the office to remote jobsites, regardless of location.

Xalt accurately tracks workers' hours, improves time planning, and automates the material requisitions process – from any jobsite. Using the platform, daily reports capture labour information and work performed by employee, job, cell or phase, and location.

VIDEO: Material Requisitions
VIDEO: Daily Reports and Time Tracking

The Technology

Xalt is a revolutionary technology for mission-critical operations across all industries.

Resource Library

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