Xalt helps manufacturing companies improve their inspection processes by optimising productivity and lowering costs. The revolutionary platform delivers a secure and nimble framework that works on all devices with zero client footprint, making it easy every step of the way from creating work orders to verifying that an inspection is complete.

Smart Factory Solutions:

Smart Factory solutions brochure
Video: RealWear
Solution datasheet: Bridge the skilled labor gap with Industry 4.0
Solution datasheet: Q-DAS & SFx powered by Xalt
Solution datasheet: Connected Worker
Video: Connected Worker
Solution datasheet: Downtime Tagging
Video: Downtime Tagging
Solution datasheet: Digital Quality Inspection
Video: Digital Quality Inspection
Solution datasheet: Paperless Traveler
Video: Paperless Traveler
Solution datasheet: Execution & Traceability
Solution datasheet: Real-Time Monitoring
Video: Real-Time Monitoring
Solution datasheet: Smart Audits
Video: Smart Audits
CASE STUDY: Airstream transforms its' quality assurance process with Xalt
Case Study: Global Plastics and Packing Manufacturer

Xalt allows you to identify, assign, and take action on quality anomalies as they occur. The platform arms workforces with real-time information and alerts to drive behavioral and operational best practices. It also helps tailor the inspection process with on-premise, cloud, and sensor assets.

DEMO VIDEO: Final Quality Inspection
PRODUCT SHEET: Connected Quality for Final Inspection
CASE STUDY: Polar Corp and Entrans Int'l
DEMO VIDEO: Quality Non-Conformance