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Smarter Quality Inspection Workflows
with Xalt | Mobility

Xalt improves the process of quality assurance, quality control, and QC inspections using your smartphone or tablet. Built to optimise productivity and lower costs, our revolutionary Xalt technology delivers a secure and nimble framework that works on all devices via iOS, Android, or browser – with zero client footprint.

The Xalt platform improves task management to increase speed and accuracy. It helps you quickly perform inspection planning and assign rework in real time. You can take photos for each inspection item, insert data, and record defects that can be put into a digital checklist replacing your paper-based checklists. The platform makes it easy to inspect a finished product, create work orders and damage reports, and electronically sign and verify that an inspection is complete.

Let’s focus on Xalt’s mobility capabilities: creating a checklist, running tests, and creating daily reports.

Creating a Checklist

First, you can structure Xalt as a checklist of all components that are inspected on the product, affording immediate productivity gains to anyone who currently uses a clipboard and pen. It’s easy to mark that an inspection has passed, failed, needs rework, or requires a timed test. If an item is categorised as failed or defective during an inspection, the inspector can snap a photo and enter a description of the issue by typing or using a native capability, such as voice-to-text. The platform creates customised reports in real time, allowing you to record data and photos onsite or in the field. The information is stored in a secure database and saved for future reference whenever it’s needed.

Running Tests

Once checklists are created, an inspector is ready to run tests. There are two ways tests can be run, scanned, or timed. For example, if a vehicle needs to be tested, just scan the vehicle and access the list of items that should be inspected. Once the test is run, simply indicate if an item has passed or failed. In the inspection process, a timed test can take quite a bit of time. To alleviate this, Xalt allows you to click ‘Start’ or ‘Finish’ a timed test, which enables you to multitask different checklist items simultaneously. Following that, just enter the result and move on. The platform helps ensure all items are 100 percent compliant, every time.

Creating Reports

Once tests have been run, and all items in an inspection checklist have been completed, creating reports to store in the database is an important step for future production quality and root-cause analysis. Imagine being able to notify your production or rework staff immediately if an issue is urgent! A list of failed or defective items is now available within the platform for a service technician to fix and reinspect at any time before the product is final and shipped out to the customer.

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