Case Study: Polar Corp and Entrans Int'l

Learn how Xalt helped our customer optimize their workflow and enhance productivity

In today’s digital world, organisations need to gather and analyse data in real time, present insights faster, and command processes with speed and agility using capabilities such as cloud, mobility, visualisation, artificial intelligence, edge, and enterprise integration. They must also merge operations with information technologies, and seamlessly integrate cutting-edge innovation with legacy systems and data. That’s a lot to ask of a single solution. Or is it? Discover Xalt, a revolutionary platform that streamlines daily operations and boosts efficiency across key business activities in all vital industries. Xalt technology accelerates a digital transformation by enabling the convergence of the physical world with the digital world. It delivers a secure and nimble framework for custom apps that are native iOS- and Android-ready – with zero client footprint and no coding required. With Xalt, you get optimal workflows, unprecedented insight, and enhanced productivity. Here is an example of our customer successes using Xalt’s cloud and mobile capabilities.


Since 2012, Hexagon technology has enabled efficient business processes at Polar Corporation and the brands within its sister company, EnTrans International. Both companies specialise in tank-trailer manufacturing and full-service parts and services to their customers. As a part of the American Industrial Partners portfolio, they lead the transportation industry within their business segments. Polar Corporation consists of three different entities: • Polar Tank Trailer – manufacturing stainless steel and aluminum tank trailers • JARCO – manufacturing propane trucks and tank trailers • Polar Service Centers – a national chain of service centers for tank trailers EnTrans International is a global leader in tank trailer and oil & gas equipment manufacturing, distribution, and service. Their brands include Heil Trailer International, Kaylyn Siebert, and SERVA.


Connected Shopfloor: This app seamlessly ties in various operations and reporting data across the plant floor. It performs time and attendance, reporting OEE on dashboards, and working with various orders in production. It replaces numerous manual processes, automating what was formerly done manually on paper each day. The app seamlessly works with their ERP, reducing data-entry time and streamlining tasks that users can visualise in a single view and screen. Quality Inspection: This workbench app enables inspections and audits to be done through the user’s choice of mobile device. As audits happen, it allows for paperless inspection workflows and data collection in real time. As inspection data is gathered, the workbench also shows a dashboard of the production lines running and overall achievement for the day, week, and month. Customer Portal: This app is integrated with the company’s web page and enables quicker and easier communication with customers and dealers. As customers and dealers submit orders or requests for services, it allows this information to write back to their ERP, creating open order requests and tickets.