Technology Partners

Xalt works with our partners to ensure that our customers have access to the skills, experience and toolsets to get the most out of their investment. We welcome partners that generate value for our customers and the overall Xalt partner ecosystem.

Agility Business Solutions

Agility provides lean manufacturing implementation tools manufacturers need for strategic advantage over the competition.


CISTECH offers services and recommendations to improve client's business results by leveraging current investments in XA.


CloudEx, focused on the European market, is solely aimed on helping customers gain competitive advantage with the use of Xalt.

Design Group

Design Group, a Barry-Wehmiller Company, provides engineering & technology services to the world’s leading companies.

Industrial IoT Solution

Industrial IoT Solutions is focused on the Latin America market helping our customers successfully implement the best IoT Solutions in their businesses.

Information Systems Engineering

For over 30 years, ISE has focused on delivering unparalleled services in ERP systems and associated applications.


Mult-e transforms industrial and services companies with development, optimization, integration and tech solution support.

Nox Innovations

Nox Innovations provides consulting & implementation for app development, accounting, LEAN, virtual design, and culture growth.

TriMin Systems

TriMin Systems works with manufacturers to meet business goals through the use of best practice software & services solutions.


TwinGroup is a world class solutions company, specializing in international ERP systems, cloud services & app development.