Xalt | Visualization

Xalt visualises 2D/3D data, including point clouds, optimised for all mainstream OS, mobile and web platforms

Xalt enables the visualisation of 2D and 3D data optimised for all mainstream operating systems, mobile and web platforms to improve accessibility, mobility and speed. Within each data type, there are also multiple formats capable of representing some or all aspects of a data type. Advanced visualization uses a combination of third party libraries and internal format support to facilitate a broad range of supported formats. Often data such as point clouds or CAD models live in their own, local coordinate systems. Xalt provides functionality for placing any kind of data in a geospatial context so that all your data gets a location.

Unique to Xalt, all of these data types and formats, geo-referenced or not, can be combined in the same view. Businesses base their products on different types of data: point clouds, CAD models, geospatial data and more. The platform allows all of these to base their visualisation needs on the same technology in a unique, combined way.

Xalt also employs the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse both still images and streaming videos to categorise things such as people, animals, objects, text and the surroundings. Through this analysis, the system can find normal and abnormal visual stimuli and deduce meaning (cognition) about the surrounding area.

Extended Reality (XR)

Xalt’s extended-reality applications — defined as the sum of virtual, augmented and mixed reality — are validated on all major AR/VR capable devices and platforms from mobile phones/tablets to Hololens and Oculus/HTC Vive. It also has built-in support for faster data and the ability to process enormous datasets at high speeds. Additionally, Xalt can run on several types of hardware and platforms, including, but not limited to, iOS, Android, native Windows, Linux, OSX and HTML5.

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