Xalt | AI

Xalt enables artificial intelligence at the edge of the network, in the cloud, and on-premise

Xalt supports multiple AI data sources including imagery, video and big data for applications such as predictive maintenance, change and anomaly detection. The platform monitors, senses and acts on all connected data in real time. Xalt accesses sensors from remote locations and utilises the data to increase business optimisation. Key AI capabilities include: machine learning, deep learning and digital neural networks.

Xalt enables AI at the edge of the network, in the cloud and on-premise, including descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics across all connected systems and inputs. The platform’s unique technology fuses disparate sensors, workflows and data formats, resulting in enhanced output of deployed sensors – even those in remote locations. The ability to access and optimise geographically distributed data in a wide variety of formats increases productivity and business optimisation.

These AI techniques are used to permit systems and machines to identify the key elements that influence a process and act automatically to optimise it, producing autonomously connected ecosystems (ACE). Xalt’s AI capabilities also enable predictive maintenance, which is quickly evolving as a horizontal technology that is relevant across all verticals of industry, from manufacturing to mining to smart cities. The platform not only provides deep learning-based predictive maintenance as a turnkey solution, but it also offers fleet management and real-time asset telemetry.

Xalt also incorporates machine learning and deep learning to develop autonomous resource management from beginning to end therefore fortifying value stream opportunities.


Xalt | Visualization

Visualises 2D and 3D data, including point clouds, optimised for all mainstream OS, mobile, and web platforms.

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