Cloud Orchestration

Xalt brings enterprise security to the edge, connecting B2B with cloud orchestration and analytics

Xalt leverages the power of legacy systems and strengthens them by delivering robust enterprise security out to the network's edge. Its carefully orchestrated microservice framework provides cloud analytics that can handle large amounts of data, quickly and with ease. Xalt’s cloud orchestration aggregates and collates existing web services to provide expanded capabilities that deliver innovative business opportunities. This application integration enables fast delivery of business value that was previously unavailable.

Xalt’s cloud capabilities integrate data so customers can tap into economies of service they were unable to access before. For Xalt customers, that means every sensor, every data source and every machine learning input and output for AI will be accessible and connected through the framework -- without requiring them to be moved from one place to another. APIs are built in to each data source, allowing data to be viewed all together while continuing to live within its original system. In other words, Xalt leverages the flexibility of individual legacy systems and gives access and visibility to more stakeholders across networks – all in one place. This allows companies to aggregate and implement globally accessible data and services across their enterprises.

Xalt provides capital and operating expenditure insulation by retraining legacy systems and unifying disparate sensors, alerts, and workflows to repurpose existing investments. The platform also redefines field service with remote access to at-source data in real time. For example, in smart city enablement, Xalt connects city services and synchronizes isolated systems, executing IT and OT integration across city systems to coordinate utilities, public safety, government, and transportation. This enables sharing economies and strengthens citizen-government workflows to provide more efficient services.

As another example, in supply chain management, customers can securely manage and monitor supply chains in real time from anywhere, enabling access to different data sources – historical to quasi-real-time. Increased visibility of production flow, order history and real-time inventory for multiple vendors provides greater transparency and efficiency.


Completely Mobile

Provides a secure and nimble framework that is native iOS- and Android-ready with zero client footprint.

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