Xalt | Edge

Xalt fuses and analyses IoT and sensor data at the network's edge, all while adding AI

Xalt collects and analyses IoT and sensor data at the edge of a customer’s network – i.e. at the source of the input data – and puts it to work with artificial intelligence (AI) to create autonomous connected systems (ACE).

Xalt ‘s framework enables customers to transform raw data into manageable formats, perform analysis of the data as it arrives and share events in real time with other devices at the edge, creating efficiencies by not having to send information to a central cloud database. This edge computing capability allows customers to untap the value of data that was previously difficult to access.

Providers of public services and infrastructure need to integrate new data, applications, and systems and reduce or remove information silos, while leveraging and enhancing legacy IT investments. This helps them innovate and respond to change, create new business value, and enable new, strategic partnerships. Without true edge computing, the cost and complexity of developing and maintaining interfaces and integrations between systems can be prohibitively high.

As an example, while utilizing real-time data from the edge, Xalt can alert operators, technicians and first responders, delivering smart procedures that can be deployed to better analyze, diagnose, and act on an incident. By applying AI and Machine Learning, the data collection processes can inform users of procedural changes that drive efficient real-time behavior in the field.

By viewing events as they happen in real time, or predicting events before they happen, Xalt turns data processing into an intelligent decision-making engine that creates smarter businesses.


Xalt | Integration

Provides plug-in enterprise integration to a single intuitive interface for legacy connections, databases, and IT systems.

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