Xalt | Integration

Xalt can read and write, offering plug-in enterprise integration for legacy connections and more

The Xalt platform offers bi-directional enterprise integration providing both read and write capabilities. It is based on an open and extendable plug-in framework for legacy enterprise systems, existing or new databases and IT systems. It is further equipped with advanced middleware for messaging, file, system, database connectivity and data transformation. This also includes sensor and data fusion that integrates disparate sensor workflows, data formats and types to obtain an optimized output of the system of sensors.

Using simple, codeless configuration from a single intuitive graphical design suite, Xalt is designed for rapid and easy onboarding throughout companies. Its enterprise-wide flexibility for technology shifts, and new business models and changing market demands can facilitate buy-in through eliminating uncertainty about IoT convergence.

As an example, once a business process has been identified as a candidate for digitalisation, Xalt can help an enterprise to analyse and integrate back-end technologies that serve their business process. Common examples of integration points include databases as well as ERP, CRM, MES and WMS systems. One of the primary advantages of the platform is that this process is incredibly simple and consumes very little time and resources. It can connect to any system, whether it be homegrown and proprietary, or an out-of-the-box system from another vendor.

Since security is paramount in any enterprise integration, Xalt encrypts all enterprise data, and no data is stored in the cloud or on the device any longer than is required for a workflow to be complete. The service runs on a network of multiple and redundant machines to ensure high availability and scalability. To ensure that this service is protected from outside threat, the network is hidden behind a firewall that is only accessible through secure SSL/TLS channels.

Xalt is HIPAA and PCI-compliant, is SOC2 certified, and has passed the United States Department of Defence regulatory process. Xalt is equipped with patented air gap security between device, cloud and on-premise resources. All systems are masked, and all traffic is monitored, encrypted and controlled.


Xalt | AI

Supports predictive maintenance, change, and anomaly detection through analytics, visualisation, and sensor and data fusion.

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